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What contents you will find on our site.

Preface: English isn’t my native language, and I don’t like acronyms and abbreviations.

The Kocka el van vetve (The Dice is Cast) Youtube channel was started in 2017. Currently, we publish one episode per week. Usually, we make board game reviews, various top lists, and gameplay videos. Sometimes we make contents about pen and paper roleplaying games, computer games, or board game applications.

We do all work for the channel with my wife Julia. We are helped by a group of enthusiastic testers and occasional guests.

In the last three years, we reached the maximum capacity of our channel, thanks to the support of our subscribers and business partners. 90% of the videos on the channel are my work, and I can shoot videos only at home, thus I don’t have more time to make episodes.

A couple of weeks ago, during a professional discussion about content creation, somebody suggested, that maybe I have some time to write. Before I tested and reviewed board games, I did some writing and editing for a roleplaying blog, so this kind of platform isn’t unknown for me. I thought about the kind of content I could make to complement the Youtube channel’s, and I decided to do it.

My goal is to make original, and complementary content on this site for the Youtube channel, mostly about board games. For greater international reach, all written articles will be published in English too.

The articles will be categorized at the beginning as such:

Left out from the episode: These articles will contain interesting, puzzling or funny, but useful information about the previously published episodes.

For instance, at the end of all review episode, I rate the games, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to explain the whys. Or, after the review, we experience such things about the game, that we have to share it with you.

What’s the difference?: When I rate a game, I never take into consideration the price of the game. Also, I never compare games with the same theme or mechanics, as which one is worth to buy. This is an aspect which you, us, the gamers have to decide for ourselves.

But we got requests about this; for instance, which worker placement game is the better, or should I buy that game. In this category, we will answer such questions.

Professional Secrets: These articles will be about behind the scenes information about our channel. If some of our experience is interesting about the running of the channel, you will hear about that.

For instance, what happens, if we find out something during testing about a game, and we never heard about this thing before? Or when, why, and what equipment or technique we use during making our videos. Last, but not least, why we review the games we do.

In my opinion: This category will be for „everything else”. My opinion about games, gaming, publishers, trends, and everything interesting for me, and maybe for you.

Besides the articles in the Gallery, you will find our Instagram feed, and the photos we make for this site.

On the Videos page you will always find the link to our four newest episodes, and any episodes we shoot in English. We will make some original videos here too.

If the content is longer than az Instagram post but wasn’t made to be an episode, we will publish them here. For instance, the unboxing videos will be such content.

We would love to hear your feedback now or later. If you have any suggestions, opinions, or ideas about our content, please share it with us.

Also, if you have any suggestions about or site, what other content should it contain, we are open to your ideas. This also stands for our Youtube channel.

We truly hope you like or site, and you enjoy our content!

Thank you for visiting us, and if you have any suggestions or opinions, contact us.

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